11 Parameter Urine Test Strips for Urinalysis 155 Count.Urinary Tract Infection, UTI Reagent Strips for Urine Glucose, pH, Ketones, Protein, Kidney Problems, Stones, Gallbladder, Diabetes, and More

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  • Quick and Accurate: Urinalysis test results in seconds
  • Complete Testing: Urine Test Strips for many parameters (UTI, glucose, ketones, protein, pH, etc)
  • More Value: Get 155 Strips in a bottle
  • Quality Product: Med Lab Diagnostics is backed by a licensed Laboratory Scientist

Product Detail

Product Description

It's time to find out what your urine is telling you!

I am a licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist (MT, ASCP) and these are our 11 parameter Urine Test Strips by Med Lab Diagnostics.

In the hospital lab, these urine reagent test strips(chemstrips) are used to help monitor various parameters in a patient's urine and check for early signs of infection or disease. Urinalysis test strips are a great way to help monitor your health from the comfort of your own home

Multiple Uses

These strips can function as UTI test strips to test for urinary tract infections. In addition, our urinary test strips contain a total of 11 parameters for testing various aspects of your health. The tests include glucose, leukocytes, nitrite, pH, ketones, bilirubin, protein, specific gravity, urobilinogen, blood, and ascorbic acid. Changes in your urine detected by these parameters can alert you to the beginning stages of diabetes, ketosis, hemolysis, kidney disease, gallbladder, UTI, changes in acidity and alkalinity due to diet, dehydration, and kidney stones, to name a few. These urine test strips can also be used to monitor low carb, atkins diet, alkaline or ketosis diets.

Easy To Use And Understand

Your purchase includes a guide which depicts the clinical significance of the various parameter and what they mean for your health and diet.

Also included is helpful information about the 11 parameters and the clinical significance of what they mean for your health.

To read the results, consult the quick guide for easy instructions, and compare the colors of the pads on your strip to the colors on the chart provided on the bottle. Know your results in seconds!

Fast And Accurate Results

Just dip your strip in urine, shake off excess liquid and lay the strip flat. Then wait the allotted number of seconds and compare your results to the color chart on the bottle. Simple and quick.