ASAP Silver Solution Applicator Kit

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  • Includes 3 bottles: Nasal spray Spray bottle Dropper
  • These are the bottle sold on the ASAP Silver Sol Website
  • Approved for use with Silver Sol

Product Detail

Product Description

Designed for use with Activz Silver Liquid, this applicator kit provides several easy ways to use Silver Sol. It includes 3 bottles, each with a different type of application top. Includes 3 bottles: Nasal spray Spray bottle Dropper The applicator kit includes different options for applying or using the product. The spray top lets you spray Silver Sol in the mouth or can be used for topical application on the skin. The atomizer pump helps to create a fine spray mist to be used in the nose. The dropper can be used to add silver to liquids. The kit allows you to pour just the amount of Silver Sol you need into the applicator bottle of your choice, keeping the supply of silver intact.