Biomaxx Energy Nutrition Ready to Drink 12 pack

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  • Newly Patented Natural Nutritional Energy Supplement
  • No Caffeine. No Sugar. No Corn Syrup. No Artificial Sugars, Flavors or Coloring.
  • B-vitamins including 1000mcg Methylcobalamine
  • Malic Acid. L-carnitine, Co-Q10, Pycnogenol, Grape Seed Extract, Natural Grape Flavor

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Product Description

Scientifically formulated by PhD organic chemist for his own personal use. It worked so well that he patented it. The ingredients in Biomaxx Energy Nutrition are those that the body uses in its metabolism of energy derived from the Krebs cycle*, in which the body makes its energy at the cellular level (mitochondria). The ingredients work synergistically in a balancing act between the B vitamins, nutrients and super-antioxidants including Coenzyme Q10 and L-carnitine. The result is an efficient and smooth increase in the release of energy from food without the rush and crash of caffeine. Biomaxx Energy Nutrition safely and quickly helps relieve fatigue related symptoms including exhaustion, mental dullness and muscle weakness. The ingredients enable the body to convert fats and carbohydrates into energy, providing for more lean muscle with less fat and an abundance of energy. The majority of energy drinks are formulated with the cheaper and less bioavailable form of Vitamin B-12, cyanocobalamin. It is a synthetic form, not naturally occurring in either plants or animals and it must first be broken down in the body to a usable form of cobalamin. The byproduct cyanide, a toxic substance, must then be removed from the body by the liver. Smokers particularly do not benefit from tcyanocobalamin due to the already high levels of cyanide and heavy metals in their system. Because it is the only biologically active form of B-12 immediately available for use by the body, methylcobalamin is the only form of Vitamin B12 used in Biomaxx Energy Nutrition. It is also the single form of Vitamin B-12 used by the nervous system. Not only is it better absorbed than cyanocobalamin; it is also retained in higher amounts in the tissues. BENEFITS • Increases bodily energy • Reduces fatigue and sleepiness • Increases endurance • Reduces muscle soreness after exercising. • Increases mental alertness • Helps to promote a healthier body weight and lean muscle mass