Caffeine Bullet Caffeine and Electrolyte Chews - 100mg Energy Candy for Pre Gym Workout, Sports, Running Races and Cycling - Caffeine Supplements for High Intensity Energy Boost - Mint (4)

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  • EXTREMELY FAST CAFFEINE BOOST - Because you chew Caffeine Bullets, caffeine is absorbed through membranes in the mouth directly into your bloodstream, bypassing your stomach, giving you a caffeine kick in as little as 5 minutes. When you're tiring in a race or struggling at the gym that could be the difference between winning and losing or setting a new personal best.
  • CAFFEINE REDUCES TIREDNESS AND FATIGUE - the perfect race nutrition for breaking your personal best or as a caffeine kick for a pre workout boost so you can train harder for longer. Ideal for running, cycling, swimming, triathlon.. no matter what sport caffeine fuels your performance for better results.
  • INCREASED STAMINA - Caffeine mobilises your fat stores as a fuel source instead of depleting muscle glycogen stores which can be saved for increased endurance. Whether you're running a marathon, cycling a sportive or a body builder undertaking an intense session in the gym caffeine supplements your carbs intake to ensure that you don't bonk or hit the hall.
  • INCREASE ALERTNESS - when we tire we lose concentration. Caffeine blocks receptors in the brain protecting you from the effects of tiredness, giving you a caffeine high which increases your alertness and allows you to stay focused for longer and stay awake when driving, working or pulling an all-nighter.

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Caffeine Bullet is a high-intensity caffeine and electrolyte chew formulated for athletic performance. Every packet contains 4 mint chews, each containing 100mg caffeine - the same as a strong cup of coffee. Caffeine reduces the perception of pain and fatigue and increases endurance and alertness so Caffeine Bullet can be used in endurance sports such as running, cycling and triathlon, during intense exercise such as CrossFit, bodybuilding or gym workouts to improve your fitness or as a convenient alternative to costly coffees or sickly energy drinks when you need a caffeine energy boost. The perfect pre-gym, mid-race or post-heavy night boost! OPTIMAL CAFFEINE DOSAGE FOR SPORT: Caffeine only benefits 90% of people and caffeine tolerance and metabolism varies dramatically from person to person. However you react to caffeine will only be intensified by Caffeine Bullets. The optimal caffeine dose for sport is 3-6mg caffeine per kg of weight, which is 2-4 caffeine chews - that's a lot! So before you race make sure you trial Caffeine Bullet in your training to test your tolerance to caffeine.