Dhathri Skin Care Oil 100ml

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  • Culled from ancient vedic literature, refined through years of painstaking practice, and perfected through the introduction of modern day technology, Dhathri Fairness Massage Oil keeps the skin young, supple and wrinkles free
  • It enhances skin complexion, reduces body pain, eliminates body odour and keeps you energetic all day long
  • Dhathri Fairness Massage Oil is a purely herbal formulation and contains no animal fats
  • The botanical extracts used are derived from organically farmed medicinal plants. No chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used in their cultivation.
  • roduct Description Dhathri Fairness Massage Oil for a shining skin. Removes wrinkles in the skin and makes it healthy. Daily use changes the skin colour from dark to fair. Use of the Fairness Oil by persons with dry skin makes the skin soft. Best solution for body odour. Fairness Oil contains rare and special ingredients. Because it goes deep into the skin, it removes wrinkles and gives the skin softness and a good complexion. Ingredients: Devadaru, Karunthotty, Chittaratha, Jadamanchi, Chukku, Kaduku, Kolarakku, Kumkumapoovu, Manchatti, Thamarayalli, Irattimadhuram, Coconut Oil base. Usage pattern: Apply 15ml or more of Dhathri Fairness Massage Oil over the face and the entire body. Wash off after 15 to 20 minutes to gain the Dhathri confidence.

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Dhathri Skin Care Oil 100ml