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  • The latest sleep massage instrument, sleep instrument mainly helps people with poor sleep and psychological quality to help you fall asleep as soon as possible. At the same time, it has the function of relieving migraine and relieving anxiety and depression.It is small but powerful.
  • Use TSNS stimulation wave to increase endorphin secretion, block the transmission of pain nerves, and achieve a relaxing and painful effect. At the same time, it can slow down tension, anxiety and other emotions, and help patients get good sleep.
  • Light weight, easy to use, easy to use, can be used for exercise, walking, moderate home, 15 minutes a day to relieve headaches, let you get rid of insomnia, anxiety, anxiety, sleep depression, insomnia.
  • The electrode sheets are reusable. The protective film on the electrode sheet should be removed during use.This product needs to cover the electrode sheet with a transparent film after use to prevent oxidation and increase its use frequency. Under normal circumstances, this product can be used for more than 12 months if there is no accident.
  • Note - We have recently changed a new product. This product works the same way as the original product. But the old product is bright green light, the new product is bright blue light. Due to the rush of the new model, the packaging was not replaced in time, so the product you received was not the same as the package. In addition, the product is stimulated by TSNS, the product will not vibrate and only a slight current will be felt. We will update the information about the product as soon as po

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Product Description

Why you need it?

Advanced technology quality assurance: use TSNS stimulation wave, help patients get good sleep.

Keep away from drugs easily and painlessly, use head-mounted devices to avoid drug dependence and side effects,
economical and practical, low patient burden, light and portable, easy to use and easy to use.

Can be used in rest, walking, home and other occasions, 15 minutes a day to relieve headaches,
let you get rid of insomnia, anxiety, anxiety, sleep difficulties, depression and insomnia.

About the Scalp Massager

Material:ABS + Elastic

Fully charged time: about 20 times (15 minutes each time)

Charging output interface: standard V8 interface

Charging input voltage / current: 5.0 ± 0.2V / 180mA ± 30mA

Charging time: 1-2 hours (about 2 hours)

How to use?

Connect and fix the lock on the electrode and the lock on the main engine.

Use a wet towel or water to clean the skin of the eyebrows and forehead.

Peel off the protective film on the electrode, wear the sleeping massager just like wearing glasses,
the position of the electrode is attached to the acupoint of the forehead trigeminal nerve,
so that the electrode can firmly stick to skin.

Pls Note

Heart disease patients, patients with severe pain, pregnant women, abnormal blood pressure, sweating due to showering DO NOTuse.
Recent brain or facial trauma.
Skin abrasions on the application site of the upper electrode of the forehead.
Do not use while driving.
If you have an acute headache, a sudden onset of unusual headaches, you can't use the sleep instrument,
but seek medical attention when applying.
If the headache is from the near end or has an unusual nature, then we emphasize that
you must seek medical attention when you are.