Jrery Finger Protection Finger Covers for Cracked Fingers - 8 Pcs Finger Sleeves Silicone Gel Finger Tips Protector, Also Use for Toe Corn Callus Protector … (Pink--Finger Covers)

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  • ★Relief Pain & Protect★ - Soft finger cover provides finger tip protection, relieves pain and inflammation if you suffered from cut or burn the fingers
  • ★Cut to the Perfect Size★ - It is stretchable finger caps or can cut down as finger sleeves, wear that not get wet and come off easily - Better than Band Aid
  • ★Soft Gel★ - The silicone gel material of the finger protector can also softens and moisturizes skin, great for relieve cracked skin of finger tips
  • ★Easy to Carry★ - 8 pcs of skin color finger sleeves, like the second layer of skin, Protect your fingers at any occasion. Small and portable to put in your pocket
  • ★Arthritis Relieve★ - Relieves pain from arthritis, athletic stress or injuries. Absorbing pressure and friction

Product Detail

Product Description

8 pieces soft gel finger covers -- Great Design for your fingers protection

For fingers:
1. Protect injured fingers, nails, finger tips from infection.
2. Relieves cracked fingers, softens and moisturizes finger skin.
3. Helps protect fingers against pain caused by pressure and friction.
4. As a finger guard, protect finger joints, reduce the fingers pressure and impact to avoid arthritis in fingers.
5. The finger sleeves widely used in sports activity, especially basketball, baseball and volleyball games.
To protect finger joints from the damage of ball.

For toes:
1. Protect toes in shoes friction and reduce pressure.
2. Relieves foot toe pain due to corns, blisters, calluses, bunions, hammer toes and other skin infections.
3. Relieves cracked toes, softens and moisturizes toes skin.
4. As the foot support, used in walking, running, hiking and other foot activities.

Ideal to used for Manual Works.
Such as tattoo studio or nail art salon, typing, printing, electronic repair, painting, hand crafting, shooting, fishing and more

- Material: Medical Silicone Gel, soft and flexible
- One size fits most fingers because of the high resilience
- Can be cut to any size
- Washable and reusable

Warm Tips:
1.Not long wear, if you feel finger swollen, numb, purple should be immediately removed, and finger raised, it will slowly recover as before.

2.When multiple use good wear, you can put some baby powder or talcum powder to lubricate.

3.Stabbed avoid sharp objects, such as needles, scissors, toothpicks and the like.