Kava Kava Tincture ~ 1 Ounce Bottle ~

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  • Organic Kava Kava Tincture
  • Tinctures are cold processed and allowed to steep for 6-8 weeks, ensuring maximum potency.
  • Tinctures are fast acting and are easily absorbed into your system!!!!
  • Herbs : 40% Alcohol by Volume are in a 1:1 ratio to extract the most constituents from the herbs.
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Our fresh Kava Kava Root Tincture is made with Kava Kava Root that has been cultivated without chemicals. It has been allowed to cold cure for at least 6 weeks to ensure maximum strength.

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Ecstatic Earth is a small green friendly company focused on providing our customers with the highest quality organic and/or wild crafted products available! Tinctures come in a light resistant amber colored bottle and are sealed with a tamper preventive seal.

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