Ketone Strips 100ct | Ketosis Urine Test Strips for Dieters & Diabetics | Medical Grade High Precision CE & FDA OTC Approved | Keto Testing Dip-Sticks for Ketogenic, Paleo & Low-Carb Weight-Loss Diets

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  • 💜 [OTC REAGENT STRIPS] Medical Grade FDA Approved Ketone Urine Test Strips; 99% Accuracy Color Pads; Cyanide Free, Non-Toxic Paper; Rapid, Reliable & Cost Effective Way to Check Metabolism & Control Diabetes.
  • 💜 [EASILY LOSE WEIGHT] Use Our Keto Sticks to Monitor When You Enter Nutritional Ketosis. Life2O Keto Test Strips Supports Ketone Adaptation for Women & Men Which is an Essential Part of the Ketogenic Diet.
  • 💜 [MANAGE YOUR DIABETES] Ketones in Urine Can Mean Low Insulin Levels, Know if You are in Ketoacidosis.
  • 💜 [TEST FREQUENTLY] Get Your Mojo Back! Dieters Should Test 1-2 Times Daily, Diabetics More Often.
  • 💜 [EASY TO USE & INSTANT RESULTS] Simple, User-Friendly Instructions with Color Chart & Visual Results within 30 Seconds That Are as Precise as Overpriced Lab Test Equipment. Use With Ketones Supplements.

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Product Description

What are Ketones?
Ketones are chemicals that are produced in the liver when there is not enough sugar (glucose) to use as energy or insulin to convert that sugar into energy. Instead, stored fat is converted into ketones & used to carry energy to muscles & vital organs through the bloodstream and spill into the urine.

Importance of Testing Ketones for Diabetics:
High level of ketones can result from diabetics taking too little insulin which can lead to a dangerous condition known as ketoacidosis. Testing for ketones can prevent ketoacidosis by early detection.

Importance of Testing Ketones for Low-Carb Dieters:
If the carbohydrate intake was restricted to approximately 30 grams per day, there will not be enough sugar for the body to convert into energy (known as ketosis). The body will instead start to burn fat to supply itself with the energy it needs to survive. Testing for ketones will let the dieter know when his body has entered ketosis & the fat burning has begun.

Measuring Ketones:
Urinalysis ketone testing kit is by far the most quick, easy & cost-effective way to measure ketones. When a ketone strip is exposed to urine, the pad on the stick will change color if ketones are present, the severity of the color change will indicate the approx. concentration of ketones in the blood.

Our Advantages:
💜 FDA, CE & Doctor Approved
💜 High accuracy Dip-sticks
💜 Anti-VC interference
💜 Long shelf life: 2 years (approx. 90 days after bottle is opened)
💜 Dark, sealed, anti-moisture bottle
💜 Leaflet with large color chart

1. Immerse the strip into urine stream or sample for 1-2 seconds
2. Wait 30 seconds & match color on strip with color on bottle label

IMPORTANT: If necessary, please record your results & consult with a healthcare professional.