Lacto-Freedom Lactose Intolerance Pills– Patented Lactase Enzyme Supplement – Provides Long Term Relief From Cramps, Gas, Bloating & Diarrhea – 7 Days Dosing Regimen Allows Healthy Dairy Digest

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  • FREEDOM TO ENJOY DAIRY - After taking Lacto-Freedom Probiotics for only 7 days, people with lactose intolerance are free to enjoy their favorite dairy meals or snacks. Lacto-Freedom is a unique patented dairy digestant with a clinically proven formula that aids in the digestion of lactose-containing foods
  • SHORT DOSING REGIMEN - Take 3 times daily for only 7 days. Lacto-Freedom dairy digestive aid stays in the microbiome of the intestines and produces lactase enzyme that digests lactose found in milk products for many months.
  • LONG LASTING RELIEF - Lacto-Freedom probiotic is the ONLY dairy digestive supplement that provides long term relief for people that are lactose intolerant. After taking for 7 days, it provides months of normal dairy enjoyment without having to take a lactose supplement pill each time dairy is consumed.
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN - Lacto-Freedom's revolutionary formula is clinically proven to prevent gas, bloating, diarrhea, and cramps caused by consuming lactose in dairy foods. These dairy food intolerance digestive aid pills produce enough lactase enzyme to the intestinal surface thereby allowing months of dairy enjoyment without discomfort.
  • PATENTED & MADE IN USA - Lacto-Freedom is American made and a patented formula of L.acidophilus MPH001 ensuring lasting effects and happy results.

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Lacto-Freedom lactose intolerance pills is a unique patented and clinically tested lactose intolerance probiotic. It is the only lactose supplement that provides enough lactase enzyme to the intestinal surface to last for months. After a short 7 day regimen it allows people that are lactose intolerant, a healthy dairy digest of lactose containing foods. This dairy digestant is the only dairy digestive supplement that provides long term relief from cramps, bloating, gas & diarrhea. After taking Lacto-Freedom, you will have freedom to enjoy your favorite dairy products without the hassle of taking a lactose intolerance supplement every time dairy is consumed.


Take 1 capsule three times daily for 7 days.

Must be taken on an empty stomach 1 hour before mealtime.