Maine Chaga Extract, With Natural Vitamin B3 For Skin Health, Large 4 oz. Economy Size, Double Extraction,100% Wild Harvested, No Part is Cultivated, NOT Sourced From Siberia

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  • High Potency Immune Support, Double Extraction(Dual) of Alcohol & Hot Water
  • Large 4 oz. Size for Better Value
  • NO Part of this Chaga is Cultivated or lab Grown, grown 100% on Birch Tress in the Wild, Not Grown on Rice
  • Harvested in Maine North America, NOT from Siberia Russia
  • Wild Harvested Chaga Contains Important Betulin/Betulinic Acid that Cultivated Chaga does not

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Wild harvested birch chaga mushroom is from the pure Western Maine mountains of North America. No more wasted drops with traditional droppers, as this comes with an easy to measure flip top cap.