Maitake Full Spectrum Extract 90 VegiCaps

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  • 90 VegiCaps
  • Serving Size: 1-4 capsules
  • 90 Servings Per Container

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Product Description

Product InformationAvailable for the first time ever in North America, a certified organic full spectrum Maitake extract. Using hot water extraction, as recommended in the clinical research, this powerful 30% beta 1-3, 1-6 glucan extract contains all the beneficial ingredients Maitake has to offer.Unlike the standardized supplements, the Maitake beta glucan fractions in our full spectrum supplement are left in their naturally occurring mix of amino acids, proteins and minerals. This ensures that nothing is left behind, guaranteeing all the immune benefit that Maitake mushroom has to offer.Traditional Use and PreparationNo references are available from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Japanese herbal references have Maitake prepared as a decoction/tea (hot water extract).Extraction InformationAll of the published research on Maitake and the Maitake Fractions is based on hot water extracts of the fruit bodies.