Massage Hot Stones Personal Large Massage Stone Set Lava Natural Stone Massage Kit Hot Spa Rock Basalt Stone 7pcs/lot (1.1 inch 1.5 inch 0.5 inch)

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  • KEEP HEALTH-Hot stone massage therapy increases lymphatic function, increasing detoxification, cleansing and elimination and deep relaxation of muscles helps to alleviate stress and tension, creates a feeling of balance and harmony, gives you a deeper and longer-lasting sense of relaxation.
  • MULTI PART MASSAGE-This professional large massage stone set can be used for the face, palm and hand joints, soles of the feet, ankle and other parts.
  • SUITABLE for THE CROWD-It's suitable for long-distance car drivers, teachers, soldiers, sports enthusiasts, office workers, manual workers who have muscle soreness, dysmenorrhea, poor blood circulation and other symptoms.
  • 100% BRAND NEW professional massage hot stones set
  • ATTENTION-The hot part should be warmed 2 hours and CAN NOT contact the cool things immediately.

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Hot stone therapy efficacy
1\ Detox: The use of heat transfer theory, the effect of thermal energy plant oil sebum layer 2-5 cm depth, soften and break down fat tissue, high temperature accelerated body metabolism, promote fat cell lysis, fermentation technology, detoxification, the body in a comfortable warm feelings, showing a perfect curve. Lymphatic drainage with hot stones, this will be very easy to toxins from the body.
2\ Extract: body massage with hot stones, you can help ease the pressure.
3\ Slimming: The essential oil phase auxiliary hot stone, with the deepest massage, promote blood vessels and lymphatic obstruction body parts of the blood circulation, eliminate swelling and reach fitness goal.
4\ Beauty: do facial massage with hot stone, the influence of the central nervous system, relieve stress, thereby affecting the endocrine to improve the spots, etc., can get rid of forehead and eye fine wrinkles, eliminate dark circles and black eye, make more ruddy face beautiful.

Face, Palm and Hand joints, Soles of the feet, Ankle and other parts.

1.1 inch* 1.5 inch * 0.5 inch
3cm* 4cm* 1.3cm
2 inch * 2.3 inch * 0.5 inch