ONE Bioband Anti-nausea Acupressure Band for Children

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Complete comfort from the misery of travel and other nausea discomforts. BioBands are easy to use. Simply place the adjustable (Velcro closure) band on either wrist. A built in bead provides customized pressure at the P6 acupressure point located on the underside of the wrist. BioBands bracelets are a safe, simple, effective and inexpensive way of relieving nausea related conditions. The bracelet utilizes acupressure, a natural pressure therapy applied to a specific acupuncture point that controls nausea and vomiting. A small bead embedded in the adjustable bracelet presses down on the P6 (Neiguan) point, located three finger widths above the wrist crease between the tendons of the flexor surface of the forearm, approximately in the area of a watchband. Recommended for nausea relief from related conditions such as: motion sickness, altitude sickness, chemotherapy, post surgery anesthesia, migraines, amusement rides, any type of general nausea.-Petite/Child size for users with wrist sizes of 5 1/2" circumference or less-Available in black. ONE BIOBAND IS ALL THAT IS NEEDED FOR THERAPY. MULTIPLE BANDS IN IMAGE ARE FOR COLOR CHOICES ONLY.