Perfect Hear Earwax Removal Tool Kit. Ear Washer System with Basin and Other Accessories.

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  • ✔ALL INCLUSIVE KIT FOR FAMILY : Our Ear Washer System Comes with Ear Washer Spray Bottle, Ear Basin, 25 Extra Tip ,Storage Bag & Ear Curette. We Have Included Everything You Need To Clean Your Ear Wax at Fraction of Cost Other People Charge. Only thing you need to buy extra is Hydr0gen Per0xide or Ear Dr0ps.
  • ✔SAFE & ECONOMICAL : Ear Irrigation is the Safe Method to Remove Ear Wax. Our System Just Uses Water & Hydrogen Peroxide to Remove Wax Buildup. Similar System is used by Doctors & Clinics to Remove the Earwax. Buying This Kit Saves Your Thousands of Dollars Spent on Medical Visits.
  • ✔PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: Our Washer Bottle is High Strength PET Bottle and Ear Basin is Smooth Finish Multiple Use Basin. Similarly Ear Curette is Stainless Steel. We have Sourced our Product with High quality Material so that You can use this Kit for Years to Come.
  • ✔ EASE OF USE : Our Kit is Designed to be Used at Home. There is no Complex Procedures and Difficult Devices.We Have Included Detailed Instruction Manual to help you. If You Have Any Question Regarding the Use We are Here to Help You 24x7. Just Send us a Message
  • ✔MONEY BACK GUARANTEE : We Are Sure You Will Love Our Product. For Any Reason You Are Unsatisfied , Let Us Know . We Will Refund All Your Money Back. No Question Asked .

Product Detail

Product Description

Package Includes 

★Spray Bottle - 1  

★Ear Basin -1 

★Extra Tips - 25   


★Storage Ziplock Bag-1

 ★Stainless Steel Ear Curette - 1 

 ★Instruction Manual - 1

Earwax  Buildup causes various problems in the ear & may result to temporary hearing loss.American Academy of Otolaryngology recommend Ear Irrigation is safe method to Clean Earwax at Home.  Ear irrigation refers to the process of flushing your ears with a liquid to clean and remove foreign particles. 

Perfect Hear Ear Washer Kit is Perfect Tool for EarWax Cleaning at Home. We Have Included everything you need & Instruction Manual has all the necessary Steps. Using it is very Easy, Just Fill The Washer Bottle with  1/4 Part 3% Hydrogen Peroxide & 3/4 Part Warm water, Insert the tip in ear and spray. Hydrogen Peroxide helps Disintegrating earwax. You will be amazed how Easy & Effective this system is . Go ahead and add to your cart to save thousands of dollars on doctors bill. 


1) Never use the product if you have ear infection, hole in the eardrum, blood discharge from ears or any type of injury in your ear.  Always seek medical help if you are unsure about it. Stop using immediately if you feel Pain

2) Never use cold water with the sprayer. Using cold water will cause dizziness & you may fall down. Always use warm water & stay seated while using this product . Never insert Tip too far inside ear. It may cause injury in eardrum. Always make sure spray tip is tight enough before using. loose spray tip may cause ear injury

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