PRO-1000 PlayMakar Pro Strength & Recovery System Wireless Electrical Muscle Stimulator System with TENS Unit + EMS or NMES Combination

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  • WIRELESS: No wires. Easy set up. Pure convenience. Hassle-Free.
  • POWERFUL: 25 levels of adjustable intensity (80mA) to fire those muscles up.
  • RECHARGEABLE: Get 3-5 hours of use time per pod & 5-10 hours on the hand control.
  • 14 PRE-SET PROGRAMS: 6 Muscle Stimulation modes including strength, endurance, recovery, massage. 8 TENS Modes for Pain Relief and Arthritis.
  • INCLUDES: Muscle Stimulator Hand Control, (4) Wireless Pods, (4) 2.75" x 2.75" Electrodes, Pads, (2) 2.75" x 4" Electrode Pads, Tote Bag, (1) USB Plug Adapter, (2) Dual USB Wires

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Product Description

Completely wireless, the PlayMakar PRO is the ultimate take with you anywhere electrical muscle stimulator system. PlayMakar PRO activates your muscles so that you can build strength, maximize endurance, recover faster and massage away tension in just one device. Athletes and performers have long benefited from clinically supported therapies to help improve muscle performance, strength & recovery (EMS). Now with the PlayMakar PRO Electrical Muscle Stimulator System you can too. Supplement your workouts with PlayMakar PRO, the world's most convenient wireless electrical muscle stimulator system. Gain the edge you need with a clinically proven way to get stronger and recover faster. Use PlayMakar PRO in conjunction with resistance training to optimize your results.