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  • Step 3 For Bedding & Furniture. Kills lice and their eggs on mattresses, furniture, car interior
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Step 3 For Bedding & Furniture. Kills lice and their eggs on mattresses, furniture, car interior and other nonwashable items. RID® Home Lice Control Spray is Step 3 in the RID® 1-2-3 Lice Control System. Step 1: Kill lice with RID® Lice Killing Treatment. Re-apply in 10 days. Step 2: Comb out eggs & nits with RID® Egg & Nit Comb-Out Gel Step 3: Clean Home. Use RID® Home Lice Control Spray for non-washable items. Washables should be washed in hot water and dried in high heat. Question or comments? 1-800-RID-LICE (1-800-743-5423) ridlice.com Indications -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contains the synthetic pyrethoid permethrin. Kills lice and their eggs. For use on bedding, furniture and other inanimate objects infested with lice. To kill lice and louse eggs. Warnings -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not For Use On Humans. Keep out of reach of children. Hazards to humans and domestic animals. Caution: Harmful if absorbed through skin. Avoid inhalation of spray. Causes eye irritation. Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or clothing. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Avoid contamination of feed and foodstuffs. Remove pets and birds and cover fish aquaria before space spraying or surface applications. This product is not for use on humans. If lice infestation should occur on humans, use a product labeled for use on humans. Vacate room after treatment and ventilate before reoccupying. Do not allow children or pets to contact treated areas until surfaces are dry. First Aid If in Eyes: Flush eyes with plenty of water. Call a physician if irritation persists. If on Skin: Wash with plenty of soap and water. Get medical attention. If Inhaled: Move affected person to fresh air. Environmental Hazards This product is toxic to fish. Do not apply directly to any body of water. Do not contaminate water when disposing