TranquilEyes Eye Hydrating Goggles with Beads - Pink


    • Soothing Relief from chronic dry eyes
    • Stimulate tear production
    • Minimizes tear evaporation
    • Create complete darkness to an aid in sleep
    • Improve comfort during air travel

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    This is the best selling kit for dry eye sufferers. Each kit includes everything a user needs to create two months of daily 20-25 minute Moist-Heat therapy.The Moist Heat Therapy uses heat to help loosen critical oils we need to slow evaporation of our natural tears. The increased humidity created within warm water, reduces the evaporation of natural and artificial tears. The combination of the two (moisture and heat) creates a soothing environment for the cornea. Chronic sufferers can use tranquileyes to enhance the benefits of artificial tears, Restasis, ointments, Punctual Plugs and supplements. The tranquileyes goggles can also be used for sleep to help keep the moisture in and drafts out during the night.