YOMMI 128 Tuning Fork Medical Healing Instrument Aluminum with 256 Hz and Soft Bag | Human biofield Diapason Chakra | Stress Reliever

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  • ✔ DEEP STATE OF RELAXATION - The Yommi's fork soundwaves restores the balance in the body's chakras, keeping the muscles, nervous system and organs in perfect harmony.
  • ✔ LONG HEALING VIBRATION - High quality Stainless steel that creates a long C128 Hz and C259 Hz Lower-pitched vibration. Typically used to check vibration sense as part of the examination of the peripheral nervous system.
  • ✔ HEARING LOSS- 128Hz, 256Hz also can be used to assess a patient's hearing. This is most commonly done with two exams called the Weber test and Rinne test, respectively.
  • ✔ POUCH BAG - Enjoy our carefully designed soft material Yommi Pouch Bag. This will help you protect and carry the Tuning Fork set.
  • ✔ BONE FRACTURE - If X-rays are in short supply, doctors will use tuning forks to identify whether a bone is fractured or not. Doctors do this by simply striking a tuning fork and placing the vibrating fork close to the affected area.

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Frequencies: 128Hz and 256Hz 
- Steel-made Tuning Fork offers you a good medical healing and mind teatment. 
- Delivers clear tone, longer sound and accurate tuning. 
- Helps to reduce stress and bring you relaxation 
- Can relieve joint pain and stiffness. 
- A soft Yommi Pouch bag to protect the tuning fork. 

Package includes: 
1* Tuning fork 128Hz
1* Tuning Fork 256 Hz 
1* Silicone hammer  
1* Soft Yommi Pouch Bag 

To keep the tuning fork more accurate, please do not tap it with metal