FAQ: PN Level 1Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching Certification: Frequently Asked Questions.

On Wednesday, May 18th, 2022 we’re opening registration for the PN Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching Certification.

It’s the only certification in the world designed specifically for health and fitness professionals who want to solve the biggest problems blocking their clients’ progress.

(Want to beat the rush? If you sign up for the waitlist today, you’ll get access to early bird registration—up to 24 hours before anyone else—and save up to 30% off the public price.)

This is your chance to…

  • Learn from the world’s leading sleep, stress management, and recovery (SSR) experts
  • Gain the confidence, credibility, and tools to coach SSR effectively
  • Receive our popular Recover Stronger Guide instantly—so you can start helping clients today
  • Save up to 30%!

To learn more about the program, see the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.



Q: What’s a sleep, stress management, and recovery coach?

When clients feel stressed and exhausted, everything else feels harder.

If you’re already a health or nutrition coach, then you know this problem all too well. Tired and wired clients struggle with movement. Their cravings are ridiculously intense—and they feel too overwhelmed to even think about making dinner, not to mention hit the grocery store.

Week after week, they complain: “I know what I should be doing—and I want to do it. But I can’t seem to accomplish even the tiniest things. What’s wrong with me?”

Enter sleep, stress management, and recovery coaching (SSR, for short).

People with this certification are trained to help people overcome the stress and exhaustion that blocks them from changing their behavior, their health, and their lives.

This part might be obvious but we’ll say it anyway:

SSR coaches help clients improve sleep, manage stress, and improve their resilience and recovery. 

Perhaps not as obvious, SSR coaches also help people…

  • feel more energetic, in control, and capable of taking action.
  • overcome the invisible issues that are holding them back.
  • change their mindset about who they are and what they can do.
  • change their ability to make choices and try new things—as well as to fully experience the world around them.
  • take small simple everyday actions that yield big effects for their overall wellbeing

Whether you’re working with regular folks who are juggling daily stressors while struggling to see results, or elite athletes and top performers seeking that extra edge, this certification will equip you with the tools to help clients get better quality sleep, manage stressors that come their way, and recover more effectively.

Q: How will I benefit from this certification?

Everyone knows that movement and nutrition are important.

Now, more and more people are accepting that sleep, stress management, and recovery are crucial, foundational pieces of the overall health puzzle.

Those people include:

✅ Fitness and nutrition professionals who know that stress and lack of sleep affects what their clients are able to do in the gym—and in the kitchen (not to mention whether their clients show up for their sessions at all)

✅ Doctors, nurses, and therapists who know that stress and sleep are among the top issues affecting their patients’ health and wellbeing

✅ Athletes and fitness enthusiasts who see sleep, stress management, and recovery as important turnkeys to improved performance

✅ Massage therapists who continually work to release stress from their clients’ soft tissues, only to see that stress re-knot their clients’ muscles within a week’s time

✅ Yoga teachers who understand the physical and mental challenge of dealing with life’s never-ending curveballs—and value the practice of finding balance over, and over, again

✅ Health, life, and business coaches whose clients can’t afford to decrease their productivity—but have a hard time making time to recover from the stress of their responsibilities

For all of those professions—and more—understanding a client’s hidden stressors, sleep problems, and recovery issues serves as the key that unlocks positive steps towards progress.

Not only that, but once you address these core roadblocks—everything else in your (and your client’s lives) becomes easier.

  • Your clients feel heard, seen, and supported—and refer their friends and family to the person that gets it.
  • Your clients progress faster and easier through nutrition, health, and fitness goals because they have fewer cravings, more energy, a growth mindset, and a step-by-step action plan for how to positively cope with new (inevitable) challenges.
  • You become a credible, respected resource who can manage anything clients throw your way with empathy, grace, and understanding.
  • You retain more clients because you’ve mastered the rare skill of giving clients what they need—without overloading them with high expectations and demanding routines that only add more stress to their overflowing plates. 

Most coaches aren’t well-versed in this topic because, until recently, there hasn’t been a cohesive training on it. That has left clients on their own to wade through surface-level advice like “stop using your smartphone before bedtime,” “avoid too much stress,” and “meditate for 20 minutes a day.”

Your clients need more than Google to make real progress.

They need YOU.

Becoming certified in SSR will help you build a framework and a language for helping clients move through those invisible issues that hold them back.

The skills you’ll learn in this certification will help you become the go-to coach who can confidently guide clients through underlying sleep, stress, and recovery issues—that many others don’t know what to do with—and in doing so, set the bar for what modern health coaching looks like in the 2020s.

Q: Why should I trust PN?

Since we first introduced our revolutionary nutrition and lifestyle coaching approach nearly two decades ago, our certification programs have become the industry’s gold standard for coaches who want to help people eat better, get fitter, and live healthier lives.

Here are a few reasons why we’re the obvious choice:

  1. This is the industry’s first-ever comprehensive certification that gives coaches a reliable, repeatable process for helping their clients sleep better, recover more effectively, and become more resilient to stress. At the moment, you can’t gain these skills and tools anywhere else.
  2. We’ve gathered some of the world’s biggest experts in the physiology and psychology of sleep, stress, and mental performance, along with leading health and fitness coaches to contribute to this world-class program. Now you’ll know what the experts know, so you can get better results than ever.
  3. We’re the only certification company that actively coaches people every single day (100,000+ to date). We help them eat better, get fitter, sleep more, recover more effectively, and live healthier lives. We take all our learnings from coaching and put them into our certification programs. That means everything you’ll learn is based on hands-on results in the real world.
  4. We invented behavior-change coaching. Learning the science is important, but it only matters if you can actually help someone change. That’s what we began specializing in behavior change nearly two decades ago (long before anyone else). And it’s why we’re trusted by over 150,000 health and fitness professionals around the world.

Bottom line: If you want to learn the latest science of sleep, stress, and recovery—along with a proven process for coaching your clients to better results than ever—you’ve come to the right place.

Q: What will I be able to do once I get certified?

By the time you finish the program, you’ll have a pro-level understanding of the science behind sleep, stress, and recovery—along with a reliable, repeatable step-by-step playbook for coaching your clients through it all.

When working with clients, you’ll be able to…

  • Fully assess their situation—What kind of stress load are they under? How’s their sleep? What’s standing in the way of their goals? What, if any, recovery practices do they already have in place?
  • Help them identify and articulate their goals—How can they limit some stressors while better managing others? How can they incorporate useful recovery practices into their daily life?
  • Develop an individualized sleep, stress management, and recovery plan that fits seamlessly with any existing nutrition and fitness habits they’re practicing. You’ll provide a roadmap they can easily follow—even on tough days.
  • Help them navigate the inevitable ups and downs of change—as you highlight bright spots and discover new opportunities.
  • Strategize, troubleshoot, and adjust their plan along the way—based on what’s working for them—as you help them achieve better results than ever before.

All of the above means better results for your clients, in all areas of their lives—from their health and fitness, to their relationships, career, mindset, emotions, and resilience.

And it means a stronger business for you, as you help clients achieve better, and deeper, results than ever before. You’ll develop deeper, more valuable relationships with your clients—which naturally leads to better retention and more referrals. And you’ll stand out from the competition like never before, because you’ll be able to help your clients in ways that 99% of other coaches simply can’t.

What certified SSR coaches CAN and CAN’T do

This probably won’t come as a surprise: This certification won’t allow you to put an MD, PhD, RD, RN, or CNRP after your name. As a result, once you are certified, you won’t be able to…

❌ diagnose people with sleep problems or stress disorders

❌ prescribe something to directly treat any medical condition or health concern—especially medications or supplements

❌ offer targeted advice that could reasonably be considered part of medical therapy, such as asking someone to “hold off on antidepressants until you try…”

❌ claim to “diagnose,” “treat,” “cure,” or “prescribe” as part of your practice

❌ claim to magically eliminate all human suffering with your wondrous coaching plans

The above aside, however, you’ll still be able to do a heck of a lot. You can still be a part of your clients’ support team and care community. In that role, you can…

✅ make general suggestions about healthy lifestyle practices in most jurisdictions

✅ share healthy lifestyle education using materials from a public or well- known entity such as the American Sleep Association, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and, of course, PN

✅ actively listen, and empathize with clients’ struggles

✅ help clients’ understand their own situation better, and potentially come up with their own solutions—thus inspiring and empowering them to take action on their own behalf

✅ provide accountability, structure, and support

✅ help clients advocate for themselves with their medical team—for instance, by helping them gather data about what they’re noticing, so the conversation with their health care providers can be as productive and informative as possible

✅ share reputable, evidence-based, and helpful resources for them to discuss with their medical team

✅ help clients implement the plan put forth by their medical team. For instance, medical guidelines can be hard for clients to do consistently in daily life—they may need help with skills like planning, preparation, prioritizing, and breaking tasks down into smaller, more manageable segments. You can help with all of this.

✅ provide complementary, behavior-based coaching to help them develop fundamental nutrition, movement, and lifestyle skills and practices that support health care providers’ medical advice

Q: What will I learn?

This first-of-its-kind certification program gives you the comprehensive science and the advanced coaching methods you need to guide your clients (and yourself) to improved sleep, effective recovery, and more resilience to stress.

This program digs into the physiology and psychology of how your body responds to stress, as well as how it naturally heals and grows. This cutting-edge understanding will help you coach for higher- and lower-level needs that the world—and your clients—really need right now.

The program is broken into 4 comprehensive units—all easily accessed online, from any device. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included.

Unit 1

This introductory unit sets up your coaching fundamentals. You’ll gain insight into…

  • what makes a great coach
  • how to set yourself up for the best learning experience
  • our deep approach to coaching that transforms lives, not just bodies
  • how to help people change—in a way that works for them
  • our proven framework for helping anyone achieve their goals

Unit 2

We’ll dig into big questions like: What is stress? What is recovery? And how do they relate to the 6 dimensions of “deep health?”

You’ll dive deep into…

  • physical stressors such as an illness or physical fatigue
  • mental or cognitive stressors like information overload
  • emotional stressors like grief and loss
  • social stress in your relationships
  • existential stress during a life transition
  • environmental stressors in your workplace

Unit 3

Here we’ll take a deeper look into the science of sleep. Plus we’ll look at the four key areas where we can focus our recovery efforts: Sleep, nutrition, movement, and stress management. You’ll discover:

  • how to track progress in improving recovery behaviors such as sleep
  • what nutrition habits can support recovery
  • what types of movement can help improve our long-term physical performance
  • which mental skills could help us manage and even embrace stressors, when we can’t reduce them
  • the complexity of sleep and its role in recovery

Unit 4

This unit brings everything together by showing you how to apply what you’ve learned—so you can create personalized sleep, stress management, and recovery plans for yourself and your clients.

You’ll climb into the driver’s seat, test things out, and experience the process in real time. Rather than more information, you’ll get experiments, activities, reflection questions, and challenges.

Each unit offers plenty of “learn by doing” opportunities, including case studies based on real-world clients, and simulated coaching conversations to hone your skills.

By the end of the program, you’ll know how to apply our reliable, repeatable 6-step process for helping yourself and others make sustainable changes to how they sleep, manage stress, and recover.

Q: How long does it take to get certified?

This program is self-paced, so there’s no deadline. You can take as much or as little time as you like.

If you’d like some guidelines, however, the pace that seems to work best for most of our students is completing 1-2 chapters per week. That means:

  • Reading the chapter
  • Supplementing your learning with audio and video
  • Completing “learn by doing” activities that deepen your learning and put your new knowledge into practice
  • Taking the chapter exam (for most chapters), once you’re ready.

If you follow that structure, you can expect to spend about 2-3 hours per week on the certification materials. Since there are 30 total chapters, you’d earn your PN1-SSRC Certificate in about 4-6 months. Although you can move more quickly or slowly depending on your situation.

But here’s the best part: You don’t need to wait to get certified in order to start coaching your clients to better rest, recovery, and resilience. Since you’ll be learning and practicing from day one of the program, you’ll be in a perfect position to start helping your clients immediately.

Q: What are the exams like?

There are 25 short exams with 10-15 questions each (280 questions in all). Questions are either multiple choice or true or false.

The exams are delivered online; they can be accessed whenever you’re ready. Also, each exam corresponds with the chapter you just studied, and completing the exam unlocks the next chapter.

For instance, if you read Chapter 2 of the program, watch/listen to the video and audio, and tackle the study guide questions, you’ll be ready to take the Chapter 2 exam. Once the Chapter 2 exam is completed, you’ll instantly see your results.

Q: What grade do I need to pass?

At least 75%, which most students easily achieve or surpass.

By the end of the course, you’ll have completed 25 short, 10-15 question exams, for a total of 280 questions. Get at least 210 of the questions correct (75%) to earn your PN Level 1 Certified Coach credentials in SSRC. We’ll send your official certificate immediately after you pass.

Q: What if I fail?

Your score for the course is cumulative. So if you do very poorly on a few exams, you can still  pass the course as long as you answer 210 out of 280 questions by the end of the course.

If you don’t earn 210 out of 280 points in the course, you can take a re-do exam at the end of the course.

Q: Is this certification eligible for CEUs?

Yes! Here’s a breakdown of CEUs you can earn with Level 1 SSR Certification:

  • ACE: 4.0 CECs
  • ACSM: 40 CECs
  • AFAA: 15 CEUs
  • CrossFit: 20 CEUs
  • CIMSPA: 10 CPD points
  • CPTN: 14 CECs
  • EREPS: 10 hours
  • ISSA: 20 CECs
  • NASM: 1.9 CEUs
  • NBHWC: 15 CEs

Don’t see your certification organization listed? No problem. Many organizations accept our course for CEUs on a one-off basis.

To do that, you’ll just submit a summary of the course and a copy of your certificate to the organization for review once you’ve graduated.

Q: Will I get a textbook?

While we’ve offered textbooks for some of our courses in the past, this certification is 100% digital to align with the way our students tell us they prefer to learn.

(BTW: We’re always open to hearing from our students about how we can improve our offers to help them learn best.)

The digital format also allows students to take their learning on-the-go, wherever they are.

However, to accommodate different types of learners, we’ve recently added:

  • A printable PDF package for all 70+ worksheets included in the course
  • Printable study guides, for people who prefer to reflect on their learning with pen and paper
  • Bookmarks for chapter activities (so you can always come back to the gems you found throughout the course)
  • Estimated time to completion—so you can budget your studying accordingly

If you’re a health and fitness pro…

Learning how to help clients manage stress and optimize sleep can massively change your clients’ results.

They’ll get “unstuck” and finally move forward—whether they want to eat better, move more, lose weight, or reclaim their health.

Plus, it’ll give you the confidence and credibility as a specialized coach who can solve the biggest problems blocking any clients’ progress.

The brand-new PN Level 1 Sleep, Stress Management, and Recovery Coaching Certification will show you how.

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