Precision Nutrition Coaching Grand Prize Winners: January 2020. We just surprised our latest winners with more than $125,000 in prizes!

Bernie and Paul spent the past 12 months transforming their eating habits, health, bodies, and lives with personal help from a PN coach. And now? They’re our latest Grand Prize winners. See how we surprised them with $25,000 each, and meet the rest of our January 2020 Precision Nutrition Coaching winners.


Every six months, in our Precision Nutrition Coaching program, we give away more than $125,000 to the men and women who have the most incredible, inspiring body transformations.

Yep, that’s more than $250,000 a year.

And today, you’ll meet our latest amazing winners.

These folks started working with us in January 2019 and—over the course of the past year—completely transformed how they eat, move, look, and feel.

They lost weight, gained strength, boosted their health, and inspired their friends and families.

What’s more, they did all of this without extreme diets or crazy workout routines. There were no meal plans or off-limit foods. No unbreakable rules. No deprivation. And perhaps best of all, no guilt.

Each person simply committed to making a change, stayed consistent, and used the accountability and support of one of our dedicated coaches.

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner: Bernie

Lost 45 lbs and 42 total inches!

Age: 46 years
Weight Lost: 45 lbs (from 165 lbs to 120 lbs)
Total Inches Lost: 42 inches (from 228 inches to 186 inches)

Bernie Stewart just couldn’t bear to show her arms.

That pretty, strappy top she’d so optimistically bought during a fit phase?

She felt she had to cover it up with a bolero cardigan.

She was also wearing what she calls her “Ali Baba” pants—voluminous and drapey enough to disguise the lumps and bumps underneath.

Hunched over a coffee, she stared at her tablet, desperately looking for something, anything to take her away from the endless round of diets.

After 35 years of fluctuating weight, 35 years of binge eating and emotional eating, 35 years of feeling guilty and ashamed, Bernie was fed up.

Now 46 years old and with two young children watching her every move, Bernie knew this wasn’t just about her any more.

Sure, she wanted to look great. She wanted to feel fit and healthy. But more than that, she wanted to set a positive example.

She wanted to change her attitudes to food and to herself. Precision Nutrition Coaching showed her how.  

“My issues with food and self-hatred were shocking.”

“At the start, I was still working with old conditioning,” Bernie says. She was the kind of person who could eat an entire pizza with a large side of chips, follow up with some cheesecake, and wash it all down with pints of sherry.

She liked the feeling of fullness, the way that rich and fatty food could numb her. Overeating was a pleasure and a comfort.

But it was also a kind of curse, dooming her to a constant and nasty internal chorus. “I was self-berating, guilt-ridden, self-flagellating,” she says.

Bernie knew she needed help to make a lasting change. From the moment she signed up for coaching, Bernie gave it her best.

Every time she clicked on a new day’s lesson or habit, she considered it a gift, and her passion and focus never wavered. By staying consistent and trusting the process, she lost some weight in the first month.

But the next few months tested her patience. The scale seemed to plateau and improvements weren’t as visible. Yet Bernie stayed the course.

In retrospect, Bernie sees she wasn’t really stagnating—she was laying the groundwork for deeper change.

Precision Nutrition didn’t promise a quick fix, like diets she’d tried in the past. Instead, it gave her the tools for a total transformation.

Among those tools was self-forgiveness.

For the first time in her adult life, Bernie didn’t interpret mistakes as signs of failure. Instead, she saw them as steps in a learning process.

“With this one change, I felt like a new person,” Bernie says.

She stopped blaming herself. Her guilt began to fade. A metaphorical weight had lifted, and with it, the physical weight began to melt away.

She started to feel more energetic. She had more fun with her kids. They noticed she was happier. Her friends noticed she was happier.

“I was more confident, clothes were fitting better, I was starting to see muscles, I was gaining strength.”

What surprised her most was how easy it all felt. 

“Just one small step at a time, no pressure and no strain or stress!” Bernie says.

Watch the video below to see Bernie’s priceless reaction to winning our $25,000 grand prize.

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$25,000 Grand Prize Winner: Paul

Lost 22 lbs and 13 total inches!

Age: 37 years
Weight Lost: 22 lbs (from 172 lbs to 150 lbs)
Total Inches Lost: 13 inches (from 230 inches to 217 inches)

There was a time in his life when Paul LeTourneau found it difficult to gain weight.

Eventually, he got so frustrated that, in order to beef up, he joined Scrawny to Brawny, a predecessor to Precision Nutrition Coaching.

It worked, too. Paul gained 22 pounds, became a finalist in that program, and was happier with his body and his fitness than he’d ever been.

But just as the program ended, Paul hurt his back. He had to go easier on his workouts. And then, over time, life got complicated. Work, more work, family stuff—the usual. Meanwhile, his metabolism was starting to slow down.

Bit by bit, his body composition was morphing from muscle to fat—almost without his knowledge.

Paul was eating the way you have to eat when you’re a skinny guy who wants to bulk up.

But he wasn’t that skinny guy any more.

Now, he was famous among his friends for gorging himself at buffets–those all-you-can-eat smorgasbords seemed made for him.

Meals always involved seconds. Sometimes even thirds. And when it came to snacks, he could swallow a large bag of chips without blinking.

At 37, Paul looked in the mirror and saw a belly for the first time in his life. 

He was also waking up with throbbing headaches. He knew he had to make a change, so he signed up for Precision Nutrition Coaching.

By the end of his first month in nutrition coaching, Paul was seeing improvements. He loved the way the program helped him track and measure his progress.

He started getting compliments from people at work. The morning headaches soon disappeared.

Then he injured his neck at the gym. The problem wasn’t serious, but it meant he had to cut back on his workouts for a while.

“In the past when I hit a roadblock, I’d probably give up. I’d figure, if I can’t go full out, why bother?”

This time, with his coach, Craig Weller’s help, he found ways to adapt his workouts and stay active. Instead of indulging in “all or nothing” thinking, Paul kept his goal in mind and looked for what he could do. 

And with that one small change, he inaugurated a whole new mindset.

Paul’s goal, from the start, was to improve his relationship with food. But this meant a shift in his identity. 

For years, overeating had been a kind of gimmick for him. It was the quality that friends knew him for, and one they seemed enjoyed him about him. Fifty-two wings in a sitting. Fifty chicken nuggets. It became a game to keep track of it all.

So, when he started to eat slowly and have smaller portions, he faced some ribbing and pushback from the crowd.

Where did the old Paul go? Who was this new version? Maybe he wouldn’t have as much fun. Maybe he wouldn’t be as much fun.

Maybe he wouldn’t be as manly.

Those were the thoughts that percolated in his mind (and his friends’ minds) as he started to change his behaviors.

It took determination and courage to stay true to his goals. 

Especially when the little voice in his head was telling him that losing weight would also mean losing muscle mass.

“Heavier can seem better for a guy,” he explains. When “big” and “strong” always go together, it doesn’t feel good when the scale starts to drop—even when you know you need to lose some fat.

But with his coach’s guidance, Paul began to understand that in trying to maintain a very high weight along with visible muscle, he was actually ignoring his natural body type and doing himself a disservice.

“My bones are small. My frame isn’t made to carry a lot of weight.”

Now, instead of aiming to be heavy and strong, Paul aims to be the strongest he can be—at the lightest he can be.

It’s a question of emphasis and balance.

Today, Paul is focused on reaching his own personal best—not someone else’s.

These days, he may not be packing in as many wings at the buffet table, but he’s enjoying his food a whole lot more.

And at 22 pounds leaner, he’s also stronger and fitter than he’s ever been.

“Everyone can be successful in this program,” Paul says.

“It’s like that proverb about the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching a man to fish,” he adds. “This program gives you the tools to stay fit and healthy for life.”

Watch the video to see Paul’s awesome reaction to hearing he won our $25,000 grand prize.

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Meet our other Women’s winners


$10,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 53 years

Weight Lost: 44 lbs (158 lbs to 114 lbs)

Total inches lost: 37″ (220″ to 183″)

PN taught me the power of small, consistent efforts. This approach enabled me to achieve greater physical transformation than I dreamed possible—step by step. It also helped me recognize how I’d been limiting myself, and encouraged me to imagine the person I wanted to become.

– Elizabeth


$10,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 25 years

Weight Lost: 32 lbs (199 lbs to 167 lbs)

Total inches lost: 24″ (236″ to 212″)

I joined PN Coaching because I wanted to eat healthy, move more, and stay that way for life. This year I’ve accomplished those goals and much more. I’ve learned to prioritize my physical and mental health, which has given me more energy and confidence in my daily life than I ever thought possible!

– Claire


$2,500 Women’s Winner

Age: 65 years

Weight Lost: 20 lbs (147 lbs to 127 lbs)

Total inches lost: 18″ (204″ to 186″)

Precision Nutrition’s unique coaching program transformed me from a burnt-out, unmotivated, wannabe competitor into an energized, engaged, lean, never-quit athlete. I cannot speak highly enough of the evidenced-based content, superb coaching staff, and vibrant online community.

– Alison


$2,500 Women’s Winner

Age: 59 years

Weight Lost: 27 lbs (187 lbs to 160 lbs)

Total inches lost: 25″ (216″ to 191″)

I’m happy with the changes I’ve made physically and mentally. Most importantly, it was the lessons learned and the process of taking care of myself that made my journey a success. Am I perfect? No. Am I happy with not being perfect? Yes. Is the journey done? Never!

– Sarah


$2,500 Women’s Winner

Age: 37 years

Weight Lost: 34 lbs (159 lbs to 125 lbs)

Total inches lost: 29″ (229″ to 200″)

PN is not a race, it is a journey. It has taught me how to relax, enjoy, and accept myself. If you let go and trust the program, big changes and great things will happen.

– Lacey


$2,500 Women’s Winner

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 27 lbs (173 lbs to 146 lbs)

Total inches lost: 11″ (221″ to 210″)

When I started viewing adjustments to my exercise routine and habits as experiments, I finally got in tune with my body and started seeing changes. I now consider a cohesive view of my health, including sleep, my support system, and managing stress—not just calories and cardio.

– Lindsay


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 37 years

Weight Lost: 24 lbs (145 lbs to 121 lbs)

Total inches lost: 21″ (204″ to 183″)

PN Coaching is the perfect blend of accountability, encouragement, and education. My balance and strength has improved, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally too.

– Melinda


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 39 years

Weight Lost: 21 lbs (154 lbs to 133 lbs)

Total inches lost: 20″ (219″ to 199″)

My main goal this past year with Precision Nutrition was to be more consistent. By planning and making better choices month after month, I slowly started seeing results. I’m working on ditching my all-or-nothing mindset and have made fitness a part of my life instead of being on a strict diet and doing super high intensity workouts for a short period of time. Now, I show up day after day because it’s just who I am!

– Faith


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 55 years

Weight Lost: 18 lbs (154 lbs to 136 lbs)

Total inches lost: 20″ (222″ to 202″)

Overworked, overtired, overweight, and over-care-taking; the idea of a coach in my corner sounded wonderful. I decided to follow PN’s program as sincerely as I could each day. The daily habits and lessons steered me gently through many challenges to a much more resilient, playful, and higher quality of life. A newfound sense of ease was the biggest surprise. Priceless.

– Laurel


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 38 years

Weight Lost: 27 lbs (175 lbs to 148 lbs)

Total inches lost: 30″ (224″ to 194″)

The Precision Nutrition program and team supported me and challenged me to become the best version of myself. Over the course of a year, I changed the way I approach eating and exercise. And probably for the first time ever, I can embrace and celebrate the limitless possibilities of what it means to be me.

– Katherine


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 57 years

Weight Lost: 40 lbs (227 lbs to 187 lbs)

Total inches lost: 36″ (267″ to 231″)

My year with PN is reflected in the opening line of one my favorite poems: ‘Finally on my way to yes, I bump(ed) into all the places where I said no to my life’. In those moments, PN was there to help if I needed it, and YES is an amazing place to be.

– Jen


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 59 years

Weight Lost: 12 lbs (126 lbs to 114 lbs)

Total inches lost: 14″ (207″ to 193″)

Before PN, I worked very hard at exercising and cooking healthy foods, but my appearance didn’t reflect my efforts and intentions. I felt frumpy and matronly. Now, as I complete my PN journey, I feel like my appearance reflects my values of fitness, strength, healthy eating, and hope for the future!

– Cherie


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 47 years

Weight Lost: 15 lbs (141 lbs to 126 lbs)

Total inches lost: 16″ (216″ to 200″)

This has been a year of major, unanticipated changes for me in all areas of my life. PN was not only the consistent rudder throughout the year, but also a source of friendly prods, thoughtful workshops, ideas to consider, and important accountability. I am stronger and leaner mentally and physically, and excited about what lies ahead.

– Alexandra


$1,000 Women’s Winner

Age: 38 years

Weight Lost: 20 lbs (190 lbs to 170 lbs)

Total inches lost: 40″ (244″ to 204″)

This is not just a lifestyle. It’s a discipline, and most importantly, a journey.

– Julie

Meet our other Men’s winners


$10,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 120 lbs (359 lbs to 239 lbs)

Total inches lost: 77″ (331″ to 254″)

In many ways, I feel like I’m a totally different person now. PN helped me be accountable to myself and shift my mindset about eating, exercising, and life in general. By working on one habit at a time, I have been able to make sustainable life changes. The lessons were always really relevant and applicable to my life.

– Jacob


$10,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 33 years

Weight Lost: 18 lbs (153 lbs to 135 lbs)

Total inches lost: 11″ (206″ to 195″)

It’s been an incredible year with PN. At the end of it I’m literally in the best shape of my life. I’ve eaten pretty well and worked out since high school, but it’s only been since learning to be consistent that I look and feel like an athlete. Just as awesome though have been the inner changes: I’m better privileging my own needs and letting go of chasing ‘perfect.’

– Nick


$2,500 Men’s Winner

Age: 57 years

Weight Lost: 33 lbs (229 lbs to 196 lbs)

Total inches lost: 23″ (257″ to 234″)

A lean lifestyle? I never knew such a thing existed. With PN by my side, I’m now planning on dying young at heart at a ripe old age!

– Paul


$2,500 Men’s Winner

Age: 36 years

Weight Lost: 46 lbs (209 lbs to 163 lbs)

Total inches lost: 37″ (246″ to 209″)

This year has been amazing! PN has changed the way I look at life and its challenges. They are no longer difficult or impossible. Now, they’re easier to grasp, take charge of, and accomplish.

– Daniel


$2,500 Men’s Winner

Age: 39 years

Weight Lost: 47 lbs (263 lbs to 216 lbs)

Total inches lost: 28″ (265″ to 237″)

Come for the fitness, stay for the life lessons. PN taught me how to recognize my underlying fitness goals (beyond the superficial ones) and how to balance those goals against the rest of the commitments in my life with fundamental, long-term strategies.

– John


$2,500 Men’s Winner

Age: 69 years

Weight Lost: 22 lbs (200 lbs to 178 lbs)

Total inches lost: 10″ (233″ to 223″)

The PN program has given me the opportunity to improve my fitness to a level I could have only dreamed of before. It also gave me eating habits that are realistic and not impossible to follow. If you follow the program, you will see results.

– Ted


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 42 years

Weight Lost: 24 lbs (160 lbs to 136 lbs)

Total inches lost: 15″ (220″ to 205″)

This year I learned it’s almost always never about the food. I’ve shaped my life to be more focused, dealt with deep-rooted patterns that were holding me back, and built deep self-awareness. The care, kindness, and compassion I received from the PN team translated into me in allowing myself these courtesies. I’m now committed to supporting others as they learn about and shape their lives through food.

– Venkatraghavan


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 49 years

Weight Lost: 25 lbs (228 lbs to 203 lbs)

Total inches lost: 14″ (246″ to 232″)

Along with losing weight and achieving a level of fitness that I’ve never obtained before came an unexpected byproduct: mental strength. I’ve replaced anxiety and self-consciousness with a calmer more relaxed mindset and confidence. Not constantly thinking about my weight, what I look like, or expecting perfection of myself feels like freedom from my old self. Thank you PN!

– Jeff


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 40 years

Weight Lost: 41 lbs (319 lbs to 278 lbs)

Total inches lost: 35″ (298″ to 263″)

As a small business owner, I’ve had a crazy-stressful year. But with the help and constant support of PN Coaching, I was able to better understand and overcome obstacles that would have knocked me off track in the past.

– RJ


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 41 years

Weight Lost: 31 lbs (190 lbs to 159 lbs)

Total inches lost: 22″ (242″ to 220″)

One of the biggest things I got from my PN journey is that consistency really does beat perfection. There were loads of times that I had to scale back the workouts or eat less-than-perfect meals, but I always tried to make positive choices given the options or time available. My coach helped me to see those instances as successes—more so, actually, than when everything felt easy.

– Nick


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 38 years

Weight Lost: 44 lbs (253 lbs to 209 lbs)

Total inches lost: 23″ (269″ to 246″)

Precision Nutrition told me to slow down, breathe, and just focus on the next rep, set, bite, or meal. And to let go of the past, welcome each new day, and celebrate every victory, no matter how small. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but this has helped me reclaim my life and be who I want to be.

– Michael


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: 42 years

Weight Lost: 48 lbs (242 lbs to 194 lbs)

Total inches lost: 36″ (268″ to 232″)

The biggest impact the program had was developing my self-esteem and confidence. I’d always talked myself out of long-term physical fitness, but I realized I shouldn’t give up on anything until I give it a shot. A lot of the lessons helped change my mindset, not just about fitness, but in life. Questioning negative thought patterns and being mindful in all parts of my life have paid HUGE dividends for me. I also learned that you don’t need a perfect plan to start something. Always take action instead of waiting for the ‘right time’ to do something.

– Craig


$1,000 Men’s Winner

Age: years

Weight Lost: 57 lbs (362 lbs to 305 lbs)

Total inches lost: 20″ (306″ to 286″)

PN has provided me with the ability to free myself from fear of hunger, anxiety about hitting a specific workout schedule, and an all-or-nothing attitude. My progress actually accelerated when I slowed down, which forced me to focus on and enjoy the process.

– Michael

$1,000 Men's Winner:|Revanta


$1,000 Men’s Winner:

Age: 25 years

Weight Gained: 10 lbs (from 187 lbs to 197 lbs)

Total inches gained: 11″ (224″ to 235″)

My year-long experience with PN has taught me the methodology and discipline it requires in order to naturally build muscle. PN provided me with excellent tools, wonderful educational materials, and support as needed in my efforts to achieve this end. The setup of the system, complete with the online platform, enables anyone who is willing to put in the work to succeed.

– Jonny

Meet a few hundred more Precision Nutrition clients.

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